First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for visiting and also convey just how proud I am of you. You are someone who decided to not only embrace, but also learn more about their innermost desires. To do so in a world of puritannical values, religious indoctrination, virulent patriarchy and crushing capitalism is an act that can only be construed as rebellious. It is with hope, love and reverence for your existence that I wish you well on this endeavor of self-love. I hope that something here aids you in your journey. 

I am someone who regards BDSM as something much more than the shallow whips and chains depicted in various forms of media. Subjects and concepts such as consent, power dynamics, racism and trauma are absent when one only scratches the surface of BDSM’s vast subject matter. This is just one of many reasons why I personally practice and teach BDSM in a manner that regards the nuanced human experience. Furthermore, the various societal constructs with which we come into contact daily affect how we internalize and subsequently carry out sexuality. Human Sexuality is much more complex than what is taught in textbooks. Here you will find free and accessible information on my free blog. To further your education, check out the Subscription tab for straight access to more complex and fleshed out information. Looking for something a bit more spicy? Check out my pornography!

My name is BlakSyn. Black. Queer. Unapologetic. Non-monogamous. Human. Chronically ill. and Kinky. I am based in Philadelphia and look forward to meeting you!

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