Feelings On Seduction

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Personal Musings, Relationships


Sometimes I share my thoughts on a subject instead of teaching you a thing. Today’s subject is seduction.

Dear follower trying to seduce their boyfriend into bdsm by doing sexy stuff,

To seduce, in its simplest definition, is to attract powerfully. Our understanding and subsequent carrying out of seduction usually intersect with sex in some shape, way or form. We are taught that in order to utilize seduction effectively, actions that are rooted in sexuality must be weaponized to achieve a goal. Usually, that goal is realized by getting another human being to comply with our wishes by motivating them sexually, be it sincere or not. Seduction isn’t bad, it’s what we call in to make it happen that I question.

I believe the ability to weaponize sexuality with its auxiliary components like “good looks” is a type of privilege since privileges are a special type of advantage not shared by all. In a society that does it’s very best to make us all feel bad about ourselves, especially in the way of appearance, status and personality, the ability to feel you are ABLE to seduce is lost to many. Be it a lack of confidence or victimization by western and conventional beauty standards, it can all be traced to what is seen as conventionally attractive, exacerbated by media the world over.

I think that “attracting powerfully” is more than sex and that if we had a heavier reverence for who we are as people, feeling like one has the ability to seduce would lie more so in the nuance of the human experience.

Would you rather call on seduction with fleeting aspects of your existence, or with who you are as a person?

In short, you’re amazing. I’m amazing. The ability to seduce starts with who you are. Let us all be swayed by those who are dope, kind and doing what they can to make the world better.

Stay kinky. Be good.

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